Bachelorette Party M.A.S.H

Bachelorette Party M.A.S.H
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The experts at The House of Bachelorette have this bachelorette fill in the blank for you--and it's FREE! Just click the button to print this FUN party game!

Chances are many of you remember a little pen and paper game called “M.A.S.H.” from elementary and middle school…If not, allows us to introduce you! M.A.S.H. is a “future predicting” game that “tells” you things like who you’ll marry, how many kids you’ll have, and of course, where you’ll live (M.A.S.H. stands for mansion, apartment, shack, and house). However, we’ve have totally revamped this classic game and its back and better than ever! Meet bachelorette party M.A.S.H.! Simply print out enough copies for your entire party, and keep this super fun and easy game on hand to play whenever the party needs a little boost! It only requires a pen, so it’s great for anywhere and anytime.


1. The first part of the game involves choosing a number, but there are many different ways to do it. We recommend having the player close their eyes and swing their pen back and forth (left and rights) above the number line until someone says “stop”. At this point, the player should cease movement and touch their pen to paper; circling the number it lands on.

2. Start at the first category, counting each “option” or “result”, then work clockwise to the other categories, until you reach your number. Meaning, if your number was 8, you would be stopped on the 4th option of the second category. Cross this off. Begin counting again until your number is reached (the same way you just did), starting at the next category after the newly crossed out one, crossing out the next “result” your number brings you to. Continue to use your number to cross off different results (skipping over already crossed out ones), circling the final result in each category – these are your results!

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