Bachelorette Party Hacks

Bachelorette Party Hacks

Here at The House of Bachelorette we love a good hack. What’s not to love about a simple way to make your life easier?! Nothing! Well today we combined our love of hacks and our passion for creating the best bachelorette parties to bring you the best bachelorette party hacks! Enjoy!

  1. Ice Cubes
  2. Cold drinks are a must, but boring ice cubes are not! Try adding edible glitter to the water before freezing! Or, to completely eliminate the post-melt water down, pre-freeze your drink of choice in ice cube trays or use frozen fruit!

  3. Save on Buying Drinks
  4. Buying drinks at clubs and bars can add up quickly. Instead, bring your own! Most bars and clubs don’t allow bringing your own drinks, so be sneaky. Try clever flasks like tampon or bracelet flasks.

  5. Balloon Wishes
  6. Make basic balloons super cute and way more personal by writing wishes and nice messages for the bride to be on them!

  7. Keep in the Clear
  8. Clear alcohol (especially vodka) is lowest in toxins and congeners, which can quickly lead to a nasty hangover.

  9. Freebies
  10. Take advantage of the freebies you may receive by letting people know you’re celebrating!

  11. Beerpong Upgrade
  12. Beerpong is no longer just for college fraternity boys. Replace solo cups with disposable champagne flutes or wine glasses and swap the beer for champagne or ros é!

  13. DIY Bars/Stations
  14. DIY bars and stations are super trendy and give your guests a way to customize their food & drink! Way less work for you!

  15. Split the Cost
  16. Use apps like Venmo or Splitwise to split the cost evenly!

  17. Deodorant on Your Feet
  18. This is a great hack for the dancing queens! Apply deodorant to your feet to keep sweat and odor at bay. You can also dust baby powder on them to really keep them dry.

  19. Opt for a Booze Cake
  20. Eliminate the post party leftover cake waste by choosing for a booze cake, instead. Simply stack airplane bottles to look like a round, tiered, cake!

  21. Make Body Glitter Stick
  22. We think body glitter is great for any and all celebrations! Make it stick and avoid a glittery mess by sticking it down with petroleum jelly or hair gel. Simply pat the glitter on top!

  23. Boozy Bears
  24. Try vodka soaked gummy bears for a boozy treat! Dessert & drinks…killing two birds with one stone!

  25. Prepare Hangover Kits Ahead of Time
  26. Prepare mini “hangover kits” for you and your party and keep them on hand for the morning after! We recommend including water, pain killers, emergen-C, and gum!

  27. Track Each Other!
  28. Have your party download a tracking app and enable tracking amongst everyone before the party. That way, in case of emergencies you can locate everyone! Better safe than sorry.

  29. Double Duty Decorations
  30. Spend a little extra time on a big decoration (like this champagne balloon piece) that will amaze your guests and double as a photo backdrop or prop.

  31. DIY Guest Book
  32. Have your guests apply lipstick or colored gloss and “kiss” a piece of cardstock as a guest book that doubles as adorable decoration! Hand letter a cute phrase like “Kiss the Miss Goodbye” or “Kisses for the Mrs.”

  33. Try a Vacation Home Rental
  34. Whether you’re having a destination bachelorette party or are just spending the night out, opt for a vacation home rental rather than a hotel room. They’re bigger and much cheaper most often.

  35. Gel Shoe Inserts
  36. Uncomfortable shoes? When you’re dancing or standing for a long time, almost any shoe is uncomfortable. Use gel inserts and tape your 3 rd and 4th toes together to increase the comfort.

  37. Stay Charged
  38. Though you don’t want to be on your phone the whole night, the last thing you want is your phone to die on a big night. Keep a portable charger on hand so you don’t miss out on pics or videos.

  39. Pick & Stick
  40. If you’re drinking, one of the best ways to avoid a hangover is to pick a drink and stick with it. Meaning, stick to that one type of alcohol the whole night!

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