Top 20 Bachelorette Party Themes

Top 20 Bachelorette Party Themes
An epic bachelorette party always has a theme, and these ones are the most popular! Pick one of these 20 themes and you'll be sure to have a fantastic bash!

20. Beer and Babes: Go for a bar crawl with your friends! Keep the vibe casual with a dress code of jeans and rhinestone tank tops, and get matching can covers for all of the attendees. Just keep track of the beers you drink--you don't want to go overboard!

19. Roaring 20's: Whether you want to party like it's prohibition, or go for an old Hollywood glamour theme, the 1920's are fantastic inspiration. Put your hair in finger curls, wear beaded gowns and long strings of pearls, and let the champagne flow! You can hold a 20's theme party at a speakeasy-style bar, a jazz club, or your home.

18. Model Material: Get glam and plan a photo shoot for you and your girlfriends! Get blowouts, manicures, and your makeup done, and then visit a photo studio for your close-up. Go sexy with boudoir-style photos, or have a photographer just follow you and your friends around for the night, documenting your adventures!

17. Fit and Fun: Get your sweat on with your girlfriends! Schedule a private workout class just for your party (Zumba, Barre, and Pole Dancing are all popular options), and afterwards go out for smoothies and treats. Get everyone cute matching sweats (like these
rhinestone hoodies) to be stylin' while you exercise!

16. Wine The Day Away: Go wine tasting! Continue the wine theme by getting a large bottle of wine and having each girl sign it--it'll make a beautiful souvenir for the bride-to-be and a reminder that her girlfriends are always nearby to share a glass of wine with. End the evening with a wonderful dinner, complete with wine pairings!

15. What Does the Future Hold? Find out the bride's future with a day of fortune-telling! Go to a fortune teller and have your palms or tarot cards read. Then head home for fun nostalgic games like MASH and cootie catchers, and play with a Ouija Board! Hand everyone a goodie bag with fortune cookies in them as they leave.

14. Tropical: Whether it's poolside, beachside, or in a boat, celebrate the bachelorette with a tropical party! Give the attendees leis and flowers for their hair. (Bonus points if you can get a hot guy to "lei" them as they enter the party!) Have fruity frozen drinks, and don't forget to put cute little umbrellas and fun straws in there! And no tropical party would be complete without a limbo competition!

13. Slumber Party: Relive those middle school slumber parties with your best girlfriends! Have everyone come in cute pajamas (and get some new pajamas for the bride), and get ready for a night full of games,
movies, and gossip. Don't forget all of your favorite junk food, drinks, and trashy magazines!

12. I'm a Barbie Girl: Celebrate like everyone's favorite blonde, Barbie! Have a pink and black color-scheme, and have everyone dress as a different type of Barbie. Don't forget to sing or dance along to "Barbie Girl" at least once during the night!

11. Sex and the City: You may not live in New York City, but you can act like you do! Spend the day shopping for shoes and gorgeous outfits, and then wear your new items out for a night on the town. Settle in at a trendy bar for cosmos and girl talk. No topic is off limits!

Lingerie and Lace: Hold a lingerie shower, and theme the entire party around pretty, lacy, underwear! Have each attendee bring lingerie for the bride-to-be, and have everyone wear a lace dress or lace top. Decorate with lace and doilies, and get the bride a lace sash to wear.

9. 1980's: Tease up your hair, break out your neon, and put on a
tutu: You're having a 1980's theme party! Listen to Madonna and watch classic 80's movies, or go to a 1980's theme night at a club or bar near you. Can't find one? Take over a karaoke night and sing all the 80's songs you know!

8. All About The Fiance: Use the bachelorette party as a fun excuse to celebrate the man your friend's about to marry! Is he a cop? Have the girls all dress up as cops. Before the party, have the fiance answer the
Groom Quiz, and then have the bride give her answers during the party. You can also blow up a large picture of the groom and play a round of "Kiss the Groom" (like pin the tail on the donkey, but with cut-out lips and the groom-to-be!).

7. Princess Party: Sometimes we need an excuse to get to act like a princess! Put on your cutest dresses and don your
tiaras. Rent a limo for the day for an added bit of regality. Start off with a tea party, and end the night with either a princess movie marathon or a night out in a VIP room of a club. No matter what you do, make sure the bachelorette feels like royalty!

6. A Wild Night: "Go wild" with an animal print theme party! Have everyone wear animal print to the party, and supplement with
animal print accessories and decor. Once you're all decked out, go bar and club hopping, or take it easy by going for a day trip to the local zoo.

5. Western: Yeehaw! Celebrate the cowgirl with a Western-theme bash! Have everyone wear their country best (and don't forget the
cowboy hats!) Get the bride-to-be a special sash and hat. Go out to a country club or rodeo, and end the night singing your country favorites at a Karaoke bar!

4. Relax and Unwind: Planning a wedding is stressful, so take a break and relax with a spa-theme bachelorette party. Spend a full day at the spa with facials, massages, and manicures. See if the spa can sweeten the deal a bit with things like champagne, chocolates, or a healthy lunch. Afterwards, get your new, glowing self into a hot outfit and go out to a relaxing and luxurious dinner!

3. Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend: Show off the bride's new rock with a theme based around her ring! Get the bride a blingin'
sash, and have her wedding party act as her "ring security." Put on some Marilyn Monroe movies while you're getting ready for the night out, and then go get some classy cocktails.

2. Vegas: Party in Sin City! (Or act like you are!) What happens at your bachelorette party will stay at your bachelorette party if you party in Vegas! Go see a show, and then hit up the hottest clubs. The party doesn't have to start when the sun comes up! Just keep on partying. Get the bride a special top that will let everyone know she's a
Vegas Bachelorette!

1. Naughty: It's the number one theme and for good reason: When else do you get an excuse to shower the bride with
pecker gear and sexy gifts? Go to a strip club, play truth or dare, and give your best tips for the wedding night. You'll have a great time embarrassing the bride!

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