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  Beer Pong Bitches Game
Beer Pong Bitches Game
MSRP $8.99
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About This Product Why buy from us?
Product Features:
  • Beer Pong Bitches Game
  • Quantity: 1 Bad Girl Pong Kit containing 6 pong balls, 32 truth or dare activities, and instructions
  • For ages 21 and up

Nothing says "party" like beer pong! This version adds some fun truth or dare cards into the mix. Try to get the ping pong ball into a glass, and if you miss, you've got to drink, answer a "Truth," or do a Dare! Choose wisely!

5 ways to play:

Option 1- Party Pong:Players take turns bouncing a pong ball off of the table and into a glass. If the player is successful, she can choose who must drink, tell a truth, or do a dare activity (or all three depending on the agreed upon game rules). Your turn continues until you miss. Once you miss, you must do one activity of the three choices and the next player has a turn to shoot and so on...

Option 2- Bar Pong:Players must bounce the pong ball off of the table and into a glass. Before a player shoots, she must choose which of the three activities she wishes to do. She will yell out loud, “truth,” “drink,” or “dare,” and then shoot the ball. If she makes it into the glass, she can pick anyone from the group to do her chosen activity. If she misses she must do the activity herself. For an added twist, you can include people from outside of your group. For example, a player can persuade a cute guy from the bar to do the chosen activity.

Option 3- Blow Pong:Put a player on each side of a table (you could even use teams of two on each side depending on how many players you have in your group). Place the pong ball in the center of the table. The object is for the players to try and blow the ball off any side of the table but their own. Players may not touch the ball or the table with any part of their body. If the ball falls off a player’s side she must then drink, tell a truth, or do a dare (or all 3).

Option 4- Relay Pong:Players try running, across the room, with a pong ball between their knees. The first player to drop their pong ball must drink, tell a truth, or do a dare activity (or all 3).

Option 5- Balancing Pong:Players must keep their pong ball balanced atop their head for as long as possible without using their hands. The first player that drops their ball must drink, tell a truth, or do a dare activity (or all 3).

Option 6- Pass the Pong:You can use up to 6 pong balls for this game. All partygoers sit or stand in a circle and the players hold the balls in their hands. Start the music and pass the balls around the circle as quickly as possible. At random, the hostess will make the music stop and the players still holding a ball must forfeit their spot in the circle and then must drink, tell a truth, or do a dare activity (or all 3). Play continues until only one player, the winner, remains in the circle.

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