100 Best Bachelorette Party Themes

100 Best Bachelorette Party Themes
An epic bachelorette party always has a theme, and these ones are the most popular! Pick one of these 100 themes and you'll be sure to have a fantastic bash!

100. I DO Crew Bachelorette Party: This super popular theme focuses on the Bride’s big ‘I Do’, and it has so many cute accessories to go with it. For the big night out get the Bride and Bachelorettes these ‘I Do’ and ‘I Do Crew’ tank tops or these I Do and I Do Crew sashes, and pair them with this gold tutu for a fun Bachelorette look. You’ll want your I Do Crew Theme Bachelorette Party to feature lots of gold! Gold tableware, decorations, and favors. Check out our I Do Crew Koozies, your Bachelorette guests will love them and they make a great keepsake gift. You really can’t go wrong with the I Do Crew Theme. It’s the perfect balance of girly and classy for the Bachelorette night out.

Sleepover Theme Bachelorette:
Have an old fashioned sleepover with your bachelorettes in this super low-budget bachelorette theme idea! Relive your teen years with all your besties and redo all the things you loved then - Giving each other manis or pedis, gossiping about boys, watching your fave chick flicks, etc. Make it special for the Bride by giving her extra special Bride PJ's to wear. Plan some fun bachelorette games like the "Groom Quiz" or play the Bride's favorite board games from her teens like "Mall Madness", "Trivial Pursuit" or "Clue".

98. Something Blue Bachelorette Party: This is a fun twist on a classic wedding saying “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”. The Bride will love the Something Blue Bachelorette Party theme. You can dress this theme up — think cute blue dresses, a stunning sash for the Bride to Be and a fun headbands. You’ll of course want to keep theSomething Blue theme going with blue decorations, a hint of blue on the invites, blue party favor bags and this travel mug that says ‘Bride’ in blue is a nice gift for the Bride. Also, if you’re still looking for the official “something blue” gift the Bride can wear on her big day consider some lingerie.

. Bride Tribe Theme Bachelorette Party: Is the Bride so close with her friends that they are almost like family? Then the Boho Bride Tribe theme party is the right one for you! Have your party outdoors and choose a color palette of metallic silver, rose gold, white and charcoal gray with motifs of arrow shapes or chevrons. Get each bachelorette a matching shirt that says Bride tribe in metallic rose gold foil. Decorate with wild flowers and natural woodtones. Have every bachelorette wear flowers in their hair for an awesome effect in photos.

96. Tutus and Heels Theme Bachelorette Party: Possibly one of the girliest themes on our list, the tutus and heels theme party is not for a tomboy Bride. This theme requires some pre-planning. Think of a glam night on the town - the hottest night club, bottle service, and your entire posse looking great in tutus and impossible high heels. Call the venue you choose early to book the best VIP area for your large party. Make the Bride the center of attention with a luxury Bride sash. Pre-order with the club a few bottles (complete with sparklers) and a few apps for the group.

. Beach Themed Bachelorette Party: If you can't head to the beach, then bring the beach to the Bride with a beach themed bachelorette party! Decorate with tropical motifs like palm trees and hibiscus flowers in pink and lime green! Have guests wear beach inspired outfits, and give every guest a Lei as they arrive! Serve tropical drinks with special drink umbrella or picks! Give the Bride a beach themed gift - that she can hopefully use on her beach honeymoon!

94. Bachelorette Party Mud Run: Events like Tough Mudder, Spartan Race and other 5k Mud Runs are more popular than ever. If the Bride is into her fitness kick up the Bachelorette 5k to the next level and have lots of laughs along the way. Many Mud Run events are run as a team. Go as Team Bride, run it in tutus or hit up the thrift shore for an old wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses. Give the Bride a fake flower bouquet to carry while running. Be sure to have a friend that’s on the sideline getting pictures of the Bachelorette Party Mud Run, these will be priceless for sharing at the wedding.

. Rose Gold Bachelorette Color Trend: Trend alert - rose gold is a soft feminine metallic color that looks great on the bride to be! Deck the bride out in a rose gold shirt or sash and get the bridal party matching rose gold shirts. decorate for the event with metallic rose gold tableware. Try a sequin rose gold table cloth or runner, metallic rose gold balloons - the effect with be stunning and memorable!

92. Team Bride: Give your bachelorette party a sporty theme - team bride! Give each bachelorette a "team bride" shirt or button and let the games begin! Pit the bachelorettes against the bachelors in fun sporty games like baseball or flag football, or drinking games like beer pong. Either way it will be a party to remember!

91. Getting Hitched:
Bring all of the bridal party and the bride to a party with pink bandannas, cowboy hats, western boots and a helluva good time! Find a saloon with a mechanical bull and start the bachelorette party with a bull riding contest! Give a prize for sexiest ride, longest ride and most awkward ride, then head to the dance floor for some line dancing fun!

90. "No Spend" Theme Bachelorette Party: Bachelorette Parties can get expensive quickly. Travel, festivities, gifts, and then having to possibly do it all over again in a few weeks for the wedding. The “No Spend” Theme Bachelorette Party can be a fun challenge for everyone. You’ll be amazed at how creative you’ll get when it comes to decorating and planning. Long distance friends can save on travel by using Google Hangout to join the party over video chat. There are many free party e-vite sites. We also have some great freebies you can use. Our Free Printable Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt, Groom Quiz and Hottie Rating Cards are sure to be a hit.

89. CycleBar Bachelorette Party:
CycleBars are popping up all over the country. This hot new workout is sure to push the Bride and her Bachelorette’s to the max. Plan ahead and book a private CycleBar Bachelorette Party. Sure you’re working out but when the lights drop and the beats go up, you’ll all love this party workout. Outfit the crew in cute flowy bachelorette tanks to stay cool for the workout. Follow the session with some delicious smoothies and a relaxing afternoon before an evening on the town.

88. Bachelorette Bucket list Theme: This one takes some serious planning to pull off. In the weeks prior to the Bachelorette Party you’ll want to get a bucket list from the Bride, try keep the Bride’s questions to a minimum, you want maximum impact with this Bucket List Theme. Once you have the list it’s time to connect with the Bridal Party and see what is possible. Skydiving? Weekend in Vegas? Choose one or two items from the list and go in as a group to make it possible. The Bride will be touched by the thoughtfulness. Don’t forget to get the a Bride shirt for her to wear for the event and be ready to capture the moment with pictures and videos.

87. Backyard Bonfire Theme Bachelorette Party: We all love camping, ehhh.. without the hiking, bugs, and sleeping in tents that is. Ok. Perhaps we’re not that extreme but a backyard Bonfire Bachelorette Party can be like a camping trip without the hiking and tents. Setup a fire pit, make s’mores, sip on your favorite drinks, share stories around the fire and perhaps burn some old love letters from ex-boy friends to mark the Bride moving on to this next chapter of her life. Bring your backyard to life with Bachelorette Party Garlands and other fun decorations. These Bachelorette Koozies are a fun favor and great for keeping drinks cool.

86. Broadway Bachelorette Party: A great way to kick off a Bachelorette night out is with a Broadway Show. Find a show that is filled with laugh or any of the Cirque du Soleil shows are unforgettable. Dress up for the evening and follow it with a reservation at a classy restaurant. Of course the Bride doesn’t get of that easy. Be sure to get her a ‘Bride-to-Be’ sash and tiara to rock throughout the evening. Finish up the Bachelorette evening back at the hotel or the house for some wine and sharing of great memories you’ve had as a group of friends.

85. Skiing or Ski Bunny Bachelorette Party: If you’re having a Bachelorette Party in the winter why not hit the slopes. A Ski Bunny Bachelorette Party is super cute! Hit the sloped wearing ski bunny outfits or tutus for some hilarious pictures. For the Bride a bright sash is a must. After your day on the slopes head back to the lodge/cabin for warm drinks, a roaring fire and sharing stories about the Bride-to-Be. This is a fun time to play some Bachelorette games. You’ll also love these cozy fleece Bachelorette hoodies for the entire crew — they’re cute and look great in pictures.

84. Amusement Park Bachelorette Party: The thrill seeking Bride will love this! Pick the biggest theme park near you or make it a Bachelorette weekend in Orlando, Florida. For an Amusement Park Bachelorette Party you can go all out on the dress up, tutus, matching Bachelorette shirts, sashes. You’ll want lots of memorable pictures from the roller coasters and meeting characters around the parks.

83. Music Festival Bachelorette Party: Take the Bachelorette dance party to the next level. For the music loving Bride the summer is filled with so many awesome music festivals - Cochella, EDC, Bonnaroo to list just a few of the big ones. Consider going all out and doing a weekend long Music Festival Bachelorette Party. Find out the Bride’s favorite artists and what events they’ll be playing. Some festivals you can camp out the entire weekend for the full experience. You’ll want matching Bachelorette shirt options for the entire crew. This is a chance for the Bride to stand out in a big crowd with her entourage. Try and work your special Maid of Honor powers to get the Bride backstage access to her favorite artists.

82. Last Meow or Cat Themed Bachelorette Party: Is there really anything more cute than a kitten? If the Bride-to-Be loves her cat more than some people you could throw her the purr-fect Cat Themed Bachelorette Party. Glitter ears and a “I’m Getting Meowied” shirt are must have accessories for this fun theme. If the Bride is ok with it get her cat a tuxedo costume and he can be a part of the Bachelorette party while at the house. Who knows this party could be the next trending cat video.

81. Zombie Theme Bachelorette Party: A zombie bachelorette party is an epic idea for wild bachelorettes that love to dress up! Meet before your night out for a zombie makeup party, where you have some drinks (with floating brains ice cubes) snack on some brains shaped appetizers and apply your zombie makeup to each other! Dress in over he top Bride and bachelorette outfits, then add your zombie makeup for an amazing effect! Be sure to take lots of pictures throughout the night (you are going to want to capture this moment!). Add a sign to your limo, along with blood splatter clings to complete the effect.

80. Game of Thrones Theme Bachelorette Party: For Game of thrones enthusiasts, this theme has a lot of appeal! Start by asking every bachelorette to come as their fave game of thrones character! To decorate, plan a thrown for the Bride, use medieval decor, and throw in a few dragons in for effect. Serve desserts like cakes pops that look like heads on spikes, or dragons eggs and serve a special theme cocktails in a metal-look goblets. Grab the Game of Thrones board game and challenge the party-goers to an epic battle!

79. Fixer Upper Theme Bachelorette Party: If my sister or I ever have a second marriage, I'm sure this will be bachelorette party theme! Fans of the HGTV show love the banter between Chip and Joanna Gaines as well as the home makeovers! Start by snagging an entire season of the show on DVD to play at the party. Watch the DVD in advance and come up with trivia questions about the program, or make the party more wild by choosing s "drink word" (I suggest "shiplap" because its Joanna's favorite so it comes up in every episode!) Serve Joanna's favorite cupcakes as a snack during the show!

78. Foodie Theme Bachelorette Party - Rent a kitchen and hold a cooking competition in this fun bachelorette theme. Get each bachelorette matching aprons (a great bachelorette party favor)! Set up a judges table for the Bride and her Maid of Honor. Have bachelorettes compete with the same provided ingredients in a 30 minute time period and have the Bride award a prize to the best dish! After the competition is over let all of the bachelorettes snack on the dishes!

77. Movie Night Bachelorette Party: Looking for an easy to plan and easy to execute bachelorette party theme? Well you found it! Take our
Bachelorette movie list to the Bride and have her pick her top 3 choices! Then grab the dvd's at your local redbox, or stream via netflix. Grab every pillow and blanket in the house when you set up the movie watching space to make it extra comfy. Give guests a party favor of giant movie sized candies and serve tubs of buttery popcorn. Want to ramp up the fun? Turn "Magic Mike" into a drinking game by drinking every time you see a shirtless hunk.

76. Marathon Theme Bachelorette Party: If the Bride and her bachelorettes are hard-core athletes, then this bachelorette theme will be the ultimate party of a lifetime. Plan your marathon months in advance (and not too close to the Wedding day!) so everyone can train properly to avoid injury. On the day of the event, plan to meet before the race for a power breakfast and warm-up together. Pass out matching shirts for each girl, and try to stick together during the race for support. After the race, stretch out as a group, then hit a local burger joint for burgers and spiked milkshakes!

75. C
amping Theme Bachelorette Party: This low-budget bachelorette party theme gets high marks with outdoorsy Brides! Have each bachelorette bring their own sleeping bag and assign each bachelorette a group item to bring to the overnight event (tent, grill, wood etc.). Plan a fun meal of the Bride's favorite camping foods, then make s'mores for dessert (of course). Bring a few drinking and/or games for around the campfire. The next morning plan to have a hearty breakfast together around the campfire before you depart.

74. Concert Theme Bachelorette Party: The Bride's favorite band and a night out with her squad will make a concert theme bachelorette party something that everyone will be talking about for years to come. Get a list of the Bride's fave bands several months before the party. Watch the concert schedule carefully to make sure you can book the moment tickets become available. Book a limo to take the Bride and her bachelorettes to the show. Try to book a VIP experience for the group if possible, for an extra wild night!

73. HGTV Theme Bachelorette Party: Give a part of the Bride's house makeover in this HGTV theme bachelorette party idea! Plan the makeover idea with the Bride in advance. Gather any supplies needed in advance. Email the bachelorettes and tell them the extreme home makeover plan that you devised with the Bride. Have each guest arrive in paint clothes and get to work. Make an upbeat playlist of the Bride's favorite songs to keep the bachelorettes painting. Be sure to take before and after pictures of the room(s) and the bachelorettes. After the project is over enjoy some drinks together and admire your hard work.

72. Glow-in-the-dark Theme Bachelorette Party: This is the euro dance party of Bachelorette themes. It’s all about accessories – think bright neon colors, glow bracelets, neon tutus, light up party rings. The “Glow in the Dark” Bachelorette Party theme is sure to get the Bride and Bridal Party noticed as you hit the town. Find a glow in the dark maze or a glow dance party to get things started. Finish the party at home, you can keep the glow theme going with some glow in the dark decorations. This theme is all about having fun and doing something you normally wouldn’t.

71. Barre Bachelorette Party: You don't have to be a ballerina to enjoy the workout a barre class provides, and with the Wedding fast approaching, the Bride will love the chance to get a last workout in with her best friends! Find a local studio and arrange a private class for your bachelorette group. Have everyone dress in the same color (the Bride's favorite) and have the Bride in all white so she stands out in the photos. Put the Bride front and center in the room (near the instructor) and take lots of pics during the class. After the class, provide refreshments for the group like smoothies (in a special sipping jar party favor) and a party favor. Ask the barre studio to give complimentary class certificates to the Bride and her bachelorettes, so everyone can try it again after the Wedding.

70. Gourmet Breakfast Theme Bachelorette Party: If the Bride's favorite meal is breakfast, then send her off to married life with the breakfast of a lifetime! Choose a breakfast establishment that the Bride favors and book a room or table well in advance. Work with the venue to plan a special breakfast menu, complete with signature Bride cocktail (a version of a mimosa or bloody mary?) and a signature dish (a plate of the Bride's fave breakfast foods?) for your party. Plan to play some table games, and to open gifts for the Bride.

69. Sushi Theme Bachelorette Party: Book the best table at a local sushi restaurant with a convey belt. Have each bachelorette write a funny memory about the Bride on a note card with a sharpy. Send all of the note cards on the conveyor belt around the restaurant! Every time a card passes your table, do another sake shot. Have the restaurant make a special sushi dish for the table to celebrate the Bride to be.

68. Fashion Show Theme Bachelorette Party: Tell each bachelorette to bring their 3 hottest outfits for this bachelorette theme. Put all of the clothes in a room and let each bachelorette make up their own outfit, not using any of their own items. Have each model do their own hair and makeup or hire a professional to help elevate the looks. Once ready have each girl walk the runway in front of a panel of judges. Award the winner with a special prize. Then head out on the town in your amazing looks!

67. Flapper or Great Gatsby Theme Bachelorette Party: Let the allure of the roaring 20's be your inspiration for this bachelorette party theme! Have bachelorette dress in flapper dresses and 20's accessories. For decor, try for a speakeasy vibe with fringe curtains, and glam art deco accents. Send out a list of 1920's phrases before the party for everyone to learn, so they can be in character!

66. Feyonce & All the Single Ladies Theme Bachelorette Party: This theme is for the music lover Bride with wants to tear up the dance floor at the local club! Grab some great Feyonce and All the single ladies shirts for each bachelorette (or Bride's Entourage for the married ladies in the group) and book a party bus with a pole. Get the party started on the bus with a fun playlist and the Bride's favorite cocktails. When the time is right, head to the hottest local club and lets your ladies take ownership of the dance floor.

65. Military Theme Bachelorette Party:
Whether the Bride prefers Air force, Army, or Navy, this theme is tons of FUN! Dress in camo (preferably pink) and head to the local paint ball field for a game of capture the flag -but make the flag a premium bottle of booze and toast the Bride when your team wins! After a few rounds the game gets even funnier! Give the Bride a special job, like pouring the drinks for the winning team members. Be sure to take lots of before and after pictures! After the battle, head to a local military bar for more fun and games!

64. Beers and Bras Theme Bachelorette Party:
Take the Bride on a pub crawl bachelorette party with a spicy twist - wear your bras on the outside! Put your best lingerie on parade in this silly Bachelorette bar crawl adventure! First, choose a route with several great bars that are in easy walking distance of each other. Have every bachelorette wear their prettiest, laciest, sexiest bra - on the outside of their outfit! Give each bachelorette the Bride's bra size in advance, and gift her with new bras at each bar your visit, then have her change into one of the new honeymoon bras! Its a silly take on a lingerie shower that will have the whole town talking!

63. Chocolate Theme Bachelorette Party:
Everyone will RSVP "YES" for this yummy bachelorette party theme so be careful to keep your guest list under control. Set up a chocolate buffet at your home, or make it easy and do a chocolate tour at your favorite dessert place. Have the Bride select the menu in advance- may we suggest some spiked chocolate drinks like sipping chocolate, frozen hot chocolate or chocolate martinis. Give each bachelorette a
favor bag with some chocolate to take away or give the Bride some chocolate body paints or edible undies for the Wedding night as a gift!

62. Brunch Theme Bachelorette Party: A popular past-time on any mid-morning weekend, Bride's who love a good brunch will flip over this bachelorette theme! Start by finding the perfect location - outdoor with a view is a plus! Amazing bloody marys are a double plus! Ask the restaurant in advance for a special menu (think heart shaped pancakes or waffles, and a special mimosa named after the Bride). Play a game at the table during brunch like "How well do you know the Bride?" or "The Groom Quiz".

61. Equestrian or Horse Theme Bachelorette Party:
Plan a day on horseback with the bachelorettes that the Bride will never forget! Because skill levels may vary, plan to book a supervised trail ride, or riding class with a qualified instructor. Let the instructor choose which horse is appropriate for which rider, based on skill level. Take photos of each bachelorette with their horse before the ride. Take lots of group shots during the ride/class. After the class, head to the local dive bar for a beer and some darts or pool.

60.5k Theme Bachelorette Party: Get the Bride in shape for the Wedding and have fun with friends too! A 5K theme Bachelorette party is a WIN WIN! Sign the bachelorettes up for a fun local 5K (a charity 5K is a plus!) a month or two in advance, giving each bachelorette time to train for the event. Make certain each bachelorette has a matching shirt on the day of the event. Takes lots of pictures before and after the race. Give each bachelorette a special medal at the end of the race to commemorate the event. Goodie bags with water, protein bars and bath salts (for recovering) would also be a great idea!

59. Glamping Theme Bachelorette: Whats better than camping under the stars? Glamping (i.e. Glamorous Camping) under the stars! Book your bachelorette weekend at a nearby glamping resort, complete with tents with king size beds and chandeliers. Give each bachelorette a party favor bag with bug spray, marshmallows and earplugs when you arrive! Bring lots of booze and games to play around the campfire. Take the bachelorettes out on the lake for some fishing or canoeing together too! Make sure to take photos to commemorate every adventure - then make the Bride a special book as a Wedding gift!

58. Brewery Theme Bachelorette Party: If the Bride loves a cold beer then a brewery theme bachelorette party may quench her thirst! Book your party at a large local brewery a few weeks before your event. Start with a tour of the brewery and beer tasting from the brewery staff. After the tour, head to the beer garden for some live music and more beer sampling. Be sure to arrange a ride home for each guest (maybe a limo?) after the party!

57. Painting Theme Bachelorette Party: Take advantage of the hot new paint and sip craze with this creative and easy bachelorette theme! Watch Groupon for a deal, then book a "paint and sip" class for the bachelorettes and Bride! Most classes provide all of the materials for painting a special picture, plus wine and hors d'oeuvres. Book a private class, and the Bride can choose the art you will make, or book a class with a male model (nude?) for a really wild event! Each bachelorette will have a picture at the end of the night to keep as a party favor, so no need to get another. Have each bachelorette sign the Brides painting as an extra special momento, and take lots of pics at the event!

56. BBQ Theme Bachelorette Party:
Head to your local BBQ joint for a BBQ grilling class and a mouthwatering meal in this bachelorette theme. Give each bachelorette a special apron for the class as a party favor, then give everyone their own slab of meat to rub, sauce and grill. After the lesson, enjoy a mouthwatering meal of the Bride's fave BBQ. The Groom will be impressed with the Bride's new grilling skills and the Bride will LOVE the extra time with her besties.

55. Gun or Pistol Theme Bachelorette Party: Head to the local gun range for a fun and unexpected bachelorette party. Make reservations with the gun range for a private party well in advance of your event. Plan to give each bachelorette a gun safety lesson before starting the competition. Make your own marksmanship competition posters for the bachelorettes to shoot at -think photos of Brides exes or the GROOMS exes or a special bullseye. Have a special trophy for the winner (maybe a blowup doll?) then head to a nearby bar for some drinks!

54. Southern Theme Bachelorette Party:
All Y'all will love this bachelorette party theme! Whether the Bride is from Texas, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky, or
Mississippi , this Bachelorette Party theme might be the perfect one! Start with every Bride's fave southern dishes (like cheese grits, pecan pie, biscuits, or fried chicken) and layer on a few "southern" cocktails (like a mint julep, a spiked lemonade, or a boozie iced tea). Have guests dress in their southern best, complete with heels and lashes. Make a playlist of the Bride's favorite southern theme songs (think "Sweet Home Alabama" or "Devil went down to Georgia") to get the party started. Head to a Honky-Tonk to continue the party!

53. Vintage Pinup Theme Bachelorette Party: If the Bride loves the glamour of vintage pinup photos, then this theme will be a big hit! Ask each bachelorette to dress up as a pinup for the party. Send out YouTube video links to teach everyone how to achieve a special pinup hairdo for the party, or have a stylist on hand to to it at the party! As party of the Pinup theme party decorations, set up a special backdrop area and a camera for photos. Print off pinup photos to decorate. Hire a professional photographer that is familiar with pinup photos to coach everyone on a perfect pinup photo.

52. Vampire Theme Bachelorette
Party: This spooky Bachelorette Party theme is perfect for a Friday the 13th or Halloween time period! Have every bachelorette dress in all black (except the bride in all white!). Give each guest a black veil to wear and a set of fangs for an extra spooky look! Serve only "blood" red drinks and spooky appetizers. Give the party extra drama by turning off all the lights and using only candles! Hang inexpensive black spider webs in doorways to add drama. Make a spooky music playlist that will send shivers down guests spines!

51. Pineapple Theme Bachelorette Party: If the Bride stands tall, wears a crown and is sweet on the inside, then this might be the bachelorette party theme for you! With a color palette of sunny yellow, bright green and pretty pink, this theme is sure to put a smile on the Bride's face. Start the decorating with
pineapple shaped drink cups with a pineapple and rum cocktail inside of course! Then layer on some glitter pineapple garlands and 3D pineapple centerpieces too! Give a fun party favor like pineapple shaped lip balm!

50. 90's Theme Bachelorette Party: A trending party theme, a 90's theme bachelorette party may be the funnest to throw! Start by putting together a 90's playlist that will get the party started (include lots of Britney, New Kids, Jewel and Boyz II men)! Be sure to incorporate all of the Bride's favorite Jams. Set all the tv's in the party area to different 90's shows or movies (like friends, or fresh prince of bel air or clueless). Asks the bachelorettes to come with their best 90's hairdo or outfit! Pull together some pictures of the Bride and Bridal Party from the 90's to share with the group!

49. Bachelorette Party Yard Games: Throw a party in the sunshine, with lots of yard games for a fun afternoon bachelorette party! Hit some yard sales to stock up on the classic yard games for the party (like horseshoes, lawn darts, croquet, badminton and cornhole to name a few). Have plenty of cold drinks on hand in special
koozies for the Bride and bachelorettes. Use the lawn games as photo props for lots of funny photos for the Bride. (Want to make it wild? Make each game a silly drinking game competition and give a naughty prize to the winner)

48. Nautical
Themed Bachelorette Party: Take the bride and her bachelorettes on a yacht for this fun themed party! Plan to have drinks at the marina before the boat departs - make a signature nautical themed cocktail to serve, along with nautical themed appetizers (stripes and anchors look best)! Have a photo shoot on board the boat - be sure to get lots of pics for the Bride steering the ship!

47. Bachelorette Party Yoga: Book a local yoga studio for a great bachelorette party option that works during any time of the year! Have each bachelorette wear matching tank tops for the event! Make sure that there is lots of time built in for fun photos before during and after the yoga class! Give each bachelorette a post-yoga smoothy in a fun cup as a party favor! Make the Bride feel special with a central yoga spot in the classroom, a special yoga mat, and a outfit for her to wear! Ask each guest to chip in on an annual yoga membership to the studio for the Bride to be!

46. Bachelorette party underwear game:
This silly game makes a great theme for a bachelorette party or lingerie shower! Have each guest drop a pair of their (clean) undies in a container as they arrive. Later, the bride must guess whose underwear is whose! This silly game goes great with lots of wine! Have each bachelorette bring a piece of
lingerie for the Bride for her Wedding night!

45. Mexican Themed Bachelorette Party: Throw a "day of the dead" mexican theme bachelorette party that no one will forget! Decorate with sugar skulls, streamers and fringe banners in bright festive colors like hot pink, bright orange and sunny yellow. Serve the Bride's favorite Mexican cocktail in special cup. Create a playlist for the party of Mexican favorites and blast it for the party guests. Give each guest a special day of the dead/sugar skull mask to wear to the party, or have someone on hand to paint everyone face for the speical night!

44. Friends
Themed 90's Bachelorette Party: Party like Rachel and Ross with a 90's theme "Friends" bachelorette party! Let each bachelorette come as their fave friends character. Pull out the Bride's favorite 90's board games or turn "friends" trivia into a fun drinking game! Decorate with a Ross, Chandler or Joey poster and turn it into a "kiss" version of "pin the tail on the donkey" were blindfolded bachelorettes kiss the poster with lipstick on and the closest to the guys lips wins! End the night with a marathon of old episodes!

43. Flamingo
Themed Bachelorette Party: The Bride will be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons with this special bachelorette theme! Have each guest dress in all pink, but let the Bride's outfit pop in all white with flamingo pink accessories! Give each guest a flamingo party favor, like a cute flamingo pen, a flamingo pink feather boa or flamingo sipping jar. The decorations are easy - lots of pink, with touches of flamingo feathers and tropical details. Put flamingo picks in your appetizers and serve them with a signature flamingo pink cocktail!

42. Mermaid
Themed Bachelorette Party: Mermaids are a hot trend the Bride will love at her bachelorette party! Plan the party around a mermaid color scheme of pink, turquoise and azure blue - but be sure to add some mermaid sparkle! In addition to the color palette, use a seashell or fish scale motif to tie the decorations together. Get mermaid items for the bachelorettes as party favors, and sprinkle tables with sparkle mermaid confetti to add to the theme! Have attendees dress in there favorite bikini with long "mermaid" hair wigs. Use colored hairspray to give the Bride a special ombre mermaid hairdo.

41. Hawaiian
Themed Bachelorette Party: Create a real Bachelorette Hawaiian Luau the Bride will never forget! Plan to have your party outdoors in an open area. Since the party will go into the night, center it around a fire pit, and add plenty of tikki torches to the perimeter to create ambiance! Get each guest to wear their fave swimsuit with a grass skirt over the top. Make each bachelorette a special headband or flower to wear in her hair. pass our special bachelorette leis as the guests arrive at the party. Add to the tropical atmosphere by creating a special Hawaiian music playlist for the party. Don't forget to serve yummy tropical drinks, like a Blue Hawaiian or a Mai Tai!

40. Fiesta Themed Bachelorette Party: Break out the pinata for this fun bachelorette theme! Choose brightly colored decorations in turquoise, yellow and hot pink! Add tassel and fringe banners, drink umbrellas and party streamers to make the atmosphere extra special! Develop a special margarita for the party, something blended in a pink cup! Fill a special pinata with Wedding night gifts for the Bride and let the bachelorettes help her break it open by hitting it with a stick! Create a playlist of the Bride's Latin favorites to play during the party, and be sure to crank up the volume!

39. Paris
Themed Bachelorette Party: Party your Paris off with this fun bachelorette theme! Grab decorations featuring the Eiffel tower and Paris scenes. Serve Paris themed drinks along with french faves like croissants, petite fours and macaroons. Have each bachelorette wear a paris themed item like a scarf or beret, then head to an outdoor cafe to enjoy people watching.

38. Sailor
Themed Bachelorette Party: If Relaxing on a boat all day sounds good to the Bride, then you should consider a Sailing theme Bachelorette Party! Rent (or borrow) a boat in your area and take the Bride and her besties out on the water! Choose nautical theme decorations with anchors, in a nautical color palette like navy and white with pops of yellow! Give each bachelorette a tote as a party favor filled with some bachelorette sunglasses, a striped beach towel or a pair of flip flops!

37. Unicorn Themed Bachelorette Party: Planning a party for a one-of-a-kind Bride? Then a unicorn party may be the answer! Plan a magical bachelorette event with lots of sparkle and rainbows and of course - unicorns! Choose pink glitter decorations as a backdrop, with just a touch of rainbows. Serve martinis topped with cotton candy fluff, pastel ombre frosted cupcakes and finger foods topped with unicorn shaped picks. Take time to celebrate what makes the Bride unique and definitely plan to make her stand out in the crowd

36. Travel Themed Bachelorette Party: If the Bride loves to travel, then this theme will whisk her away on a bachelorette adventure! If your budget doesn't allow the Bachelorettes to travel anywhere, then bring the fun of travel to the bachelorettes! Plan snacks and drinks that take your guests on an around the world adventure,using the Bride's favorite destinations as inspiration! Get the Bride to be a gift card to her fave airline!

35. French Themed Bachelorette Party: Viva La French bachelorette theme! Grab decorations featuring your favorite French landmarks or art. Rent bicyles with a basket and head out for a french themed picnic. Serve croissants, baggettes and macaroons for dessert. Stop in a meadow to pick wildflowers. Have each bachelorette wear a french themed striped shirt.

34. Soccer Themed Bachelorette Party: Your sure to score points with the soccer loving Bride with this theme! Have each Bachelorette wear the soccer jersey from a different country but tie the outfits together with a matching shorts, skirts or knee socks! Start the night at a soccer sports bar watching a game, then head out of a pub crawl near the soccer stadium.

33. Baseball Themed Bachelorette Party: Take the Bachelorettes to the ballpark for a fun baseball themed party! Wear matching shirts and baseball caps so everyone knows your with the Bride! Start at the ballpark pub for a pre-game warm-up, them walk to the stadium as a group. Watch the batters or pitchers warm up and score some autographs for the Bride. Make sure to be ready for your cameo on the jumbo-tron - in your matching shirts, your sure to be caught on camera!

32. Football Themed Bachelorette Party: Start your football themed bachelorette party right, with a bachelorette tailgate party! deck out your tailgate area with a grill, some comfy chairs and lots of bachelorette decorations! Encourage other tailgaters to celebrate the Bride too, with lots of toasts and special drinks to share! Make sure your group wears matching shirts. Team Bride is a great option for a sports theme party! Grab other team bride accessories, like giant foam fingers and hats so you really stand out in the crowd! Game on!

31. Sports Themed Bachelorette Party: If the Bride loves all kinds of sports, then this theme will work great! Decorate with sports them decorations for a fun pre-party at your home. Have each bachelorette dress to represent their fave sport (or team). Take your crew to a local sport bar for some fun! Set up sports themed bachelortette dare games in advance and grab silly trophies for the winners!

30. Masquerade Themed Bachelorette Party: Even the shyest Bachelorette may let down her guard with a mask on, so why not have a masquerade theme bachelorette party? Get each bachelorette a matching mask, and something special for the Bride to be to wear. Go to a favorite night spot with lots of dramatic lighting. Play a dare game with the bachelorettes to see who is the most bold with their mask on!

29. Moulin Rouge Themed Bachelorette Party:
Its time to Can Can! Have each bachelorette dress up in this fun (and sexy) theme, complete with ruffled petticoats and thigh high stockings! Play music from the Moulin Rouge movie or rent a karaoke machine and sing your favorite songs! Decorate for the party with lots of deep reds (rouge) and a pop of metallic gold for a luxe feeling!

28. Hollywood Themed Bachelorette Party:
If the Bride loves tinsel town then this is the theme for you! Have everyone dress as their fave glam movie star. Set up a red carpet with a Hollywood style backdrop and take turns photoing each other in your gowns (or get the Groom and some of his Groomsmen to play paparazzi for you)! Serve drinks with Hollywood theme names in martini glasses. Create a playlist with songs from the Brides fave movies. End the night with a showing of the Bride's all time favorite movies.

27. Peacock Themed Bachelorette Party:
This theme is regal! Shop for decorations and supplies in shades of turquoise, navy blue with touches of touches metallic gold! Have each guest wear the colors from the theme, or buy some matching shirts in turquoise or teal blue for each guest. Add a bouquet of peacock feathers to the center of the table for a dramatic effect!

26. Shoe Themed Bachelorette Party:
Does the Bride LOVE shoes? (US TOO!) Contact a local shoe store and arrange a private shoe shopping trip after hours! Set up a mini shoe fashion show with the bachelorettes - letting everyone model their fave pair! Serve shoe themed drinks, add some
shoe themed decorations, and present the Bride with a gift card so she can pick a new pair as her gift!

25. Crossfit Bachelorette Party:
Get the Bride ready for the Wedding and have a blast with all of your besties at the same time? - YES! Contact you nearest Crossfit gym and arrange for a private crossfit challenge for your group! Present each Bachelorette with a favor bag featuring healthy snacks, a big water bottle and a shirt that fits with the theme. Make the Bride's Bag extra special by getting her a
special tote for all of her goodies! This workout will be great motivation as the Wedding day nears - an extra workout push the Bride may need!

24. Amazing Race (to the Altar):
Perfect for out of town bachelorette parties, this theme will take your party all over the city on fun adventures! Break the bachelorettes into teams and plan to hit the hot spots and perform challenges! At the final destination crown the winning team with tiaras!

23. Greenery:
Bringing in the outdoors is all the rage in Weddings and bachelorette parties alike. Grab some green branches or sprigs and add to your table decorations for a quick and inexpensive way to be on trend! Have the bridal party wear mint green shirts or sashes. Mix green balloons with other colors to add more touches of green.

22. Mixed Metals Bachelorette Trend: Metallics are hot, and the bride will love a bachelorette theme with decorations that features all of them! Start with metallic gold fringe curtains, or metallic silver table covers, the impact will big! Have party goers dress in metallics and try out some metallic makeup shades too!

21. Sip Sip Hooray! Wine Themed Bachelorette Party: Whether your sipping cocktails at your fave outdoor restaurant or at your favorite winery, this bachelorette theme is all about sipping and celebrating the Bride to be! Arrange in advance with the bride to have her fave drinks on hand, then spread a blanket at your favorite winery or outdoor concert and sip sip hooray away!

20. Beer and Babes: Go for a bar crawl with your friends! Keep the vibe casual with a dress code of jeans and rhinestone tank tops, and get matching can covers for all of the attendees. Just keep track of the beers you drink--you don't want to go overboard!

19. Roaring 20's
Themed Bachelorette Party: Whether you want to party like it's prohibition, or go for an old Hollywood glamour theme, the 1920's are fantastic inspiration. Put your hair in finger curls, wear beaded gowns and long strings of pearls, and let the champagne flow! You can hold a 20's theme party at a speakeasy-style bar, a jazz club, or your home.

18. Model Material: Get glam and plan a photo shoot for you and your girlfriends! Get blowouts, manicures, and your makeup done, and then visit a photo studio for your close-up. Go sexy with boudoir-style photos, or have a photographer just follow you and your friends around for the night, documenting your adventures!

17. Fit and Fun
Themed Bachelorette Party: Get your sweat on with your girlfriends! Schedule a private workout class just for your party (Zumba, Barre, and Pole Dancing are all popular options), and afterwards go out for smoothies and treats. Get everyone cute matching sweats (like these rhinestone hoodies) to be stylin' while you exercise!

16. Wine the Day Away Wine Tasting Bachelorette Party: Go wine tasting! Continue the wine theme by getting a large bottle of wine and having each girl sign it--it'll make a beautiful souvenir for the bride-to-be and a reminder that her girlfriends are always nearby to share a glass of wine with. End the evening with a wonderful dinner, complete with wine pairings!

15. What Does the Future Hold? Find out the bride's future with a day of fortune-telling! Go to a fortune teller and have your palms or tarot cards read. Then head home for fun nostalgic games like MASH and cootie catchers, and play with a Ouija Board! Hand everyone a goodie bag with fortune cookies in them as they leave.

14. Tropical Themed Bachelorette Party: Whether it's poolside, beachside, or in a boat, celebrate the bachelorette with a tropical party! Give the attendees leis and flowers for their hair. (Bonus points if you can get a hot guy to "lei" them as they enter the party!) Have fruity frozen drinks, and don't forget to put cute little umbrellas and fun straws in there! And no tropical party would be complete without a limbo competition!

13. Bachelorette Slumber Party: Relive those middle school slumber parties with your best girlfriends! Have everyone come in cute pajamas (and get some new pajamas for the bride), and get ready for a night full of
games, movies, and gossip. Give each other a mani/ pedi, or try out a new face mask or hairdo. Don't forget all of the bride's favorite junk food, drinks, and trashy magazines!

12. I'm a Barbie Girl
Bachelorette Party: Celebrate like everyone's favorite blonde, Barbie! Have a pink and black color-scheme, and have everyone dress as a different type of Barbie. Make the Bride the star of the party with a stunning Bride to be sash over her perfect Barbie-style pink dress! Don't forget to sing or dance along to "Barbie Girl" at least once during the night!

11. Sex and the City
Themed Bachelorette Party: You may not live in New York City, but you can act like you do! Spend the day shopping for shoes and gorgeous outfits with the Bride, and then wear your new items out for a night on the town. Settle in at a trendy bar for cosmos and girl talk. No topic is off limits!

Lingerie and Lace Themed Bachelorette Party: Hold a lingerie shower, and theme the entire party around pretty, lacy, underwear! Have each attendee bring lingerie for the bride-to-be, and have everyone wear a lace dress or lace top. Decorate with lace and our fun bra garland, and get the bride a sash to wear. Make fun lingerie shaped cookies or cupcakes to dress up your appetizer table.

9. 1980's
Themed Bachelorette Party: Tease up your hair, break out your neon, and put on a tutu: You're having a 1980's theme party! Listen to Madonna and watch classic 80's movies, or go to a 1980's theme night at a club or bar near you. Can't find one? Take over a karaoke night and sing all the 80's songs you know!

8. All About The Fiance: Use the bachelorette party as a fun excuse to celebrate the man your friend's about to marry! Is he a cop? Have the girls all dress up as cops. Before the party, have the fiance answer the
Groom Quiz, and then have the bride give her answers during the party. You can also blow up a large picture of the groom and play a round of "Kiss the Groom" (like pin the tail on the donkey, but with cut-out lips and the groom-to-be!).

7. Disney Princess
Themed Bachelorette Party: Sometimes we need an excuse to get to act like a princess! Let each Bachelorette pick their fave Disney princess and put on your cutest dresses and don your tiaras. Rent a limo for the day for an added bit of regality. Can't make it to a Disney theme park? Start off with a princess theme tea party, and end the night with either a princess movie marathon or a night out in a VIP room of a club. No matter what you do, make sure the bachelorette feels like royalty!

6. A Wild Night Animal Print Bachelorette Party: "Go wild" with an animal print theme party! Have everyone wear animal print to the party, and supplement with
animal print accessories and decor. Once you're all decked out, go bar and club hopping, or take it easy by going for a day trip to the local zoo.

5. Country Western
Theme Bachelorette Party: Yeehaw! Celebrate the cowgirl with a Western-theme bash! Have everyone wear their country best (and don't forget the cowboy hats!) Get the bride-to-be a special sash and hat so everyone knows who to celebrate. Go out to a country western club for some line dancing lessons or a rodeo, and end the night singing your country western favorites at a Karaoke bar!

4. Relax and Unwind with a Spa
Themed Bachelorette Party: Planning a wedding is stressful, so take a break and relax with a spa-theme bachelorette party. Spend a full day at the spa with facials, massages, and manicures. See if the spa can sweeten the deal a bit with things like champagne, chocolates, or a healthy lunch. Afterwards, get your new, glowing self into a hot outfit and go out to a relaxing and luxurious dinner!

3. Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend: Show off the bride's new rock with a theme based around her ring! Get the bride a
blingin' sash, and have her wedding party act as her "ring security." Put on some Marilyn Monroe movies while you're getting ready for the night out, and then go get some classy cocktails at your favorite swanky night club!

2. Vegas
Themed Bachelorette Party: Party in Sin City! (Or act like you are!) What happens at your bachelorette party will stay at your bachelorette party if you party in Vegas! Go see a show, and then hit up the hottest clubs. The party doesn't have to start when the sun comes up! Just keep on partying by the pool or hit one of the many Las Vegas Spas for some pampering. Be sure to get the bride a special sash that will let everyone know she's a Vegas Bachelorette (and score LOTS of free drinks)!

1. Naughty
Themed Bachelorette Party: It's the number one theme and for good reason: When else do you get an excuse to shower the bride with super silly pecker gear and sexy gifts for her Wedding Night!
? Go to a male dance review, play truth or dare, and give your best tips for the wedding night. You'll have a great time embarrassing the Bride and making memories that you will always giggle about!

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